The Path to Arhatship Book Study Archive

A Loving Atma Namaste!

We very much Thank Mathieu Giguere for leading
the Astara Life Lessons Webinar for nearly the past 2 years.

His work will be continued by Christine Mandracchia -
another 8th Degree Astarian from New Jersey.

She will do a week to 2 weeks a Review of 1st Astara Degree Life Lessons
and the will continue with the 2nd Astara Degree Life Lessons.

With Many Loving Blessings




Our Beloved Spiritual Teacher Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui recommended Yogic Practitioners - read and study a wide variety of books so as to Enhance their Understanding of the experiences they encounter - both in Life and during their Spiritual Practices.


This Website is dedicated to fulfilling this purpose.

Only Yogic Practitioners, who are registered on will be given access to these Book Study Archive.

Thank You for your interest and regular Participation in the Book Study Webinars.

With Infinite Love & Blessings
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